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70209 Coat Aarhus
A classic, long coat with lambskin collar and big pockets

70209 Coat Aarhus 72477-33.jpg
70209 Coat Aarhus 72477-33 back.jpg
70209 Coat Aarhus 33567-62.jpg
70209 Coat Aarhus 33567-62 back.jpg

This coat bridges styles and mindsets! Between a classic coat with a lambskin collar for the gentlemen of the fashion scene and a young coat with big functional pockets in a modern and minimalist design.

This Loden-Coat comes in a big herringbone patterned fabric as well as a darker olive-green loden melange.

Back lengths: 110 cm (size 50)

Modell number: 70209 M. Aarhus

Article/ Fabric information: 

Article Nr. 72477/33 (Herringbone, beige)
360 gramm
70% WV, 20% PA, 10% AF

Article/ Fabric information: 

Article Nr. 33567/62 (dark olive-green)
290 gramm
70% WV, 20% PES 10% WS

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