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70211 Coat Ystad
A modern version Duffle coat

70211 Coat Ystad 72468-91.jpg
70211 Coat Ystad 72468-91 back.jpg
70211 Coat Ystad 72525-32.jpg
70211 Coat Ystad 72525-32 back.jpg

This coat is inspired by one of the most classic coats: the Duffle Coat. We took this iconic coat and stripped it from all of its features until we had only the coat, with its iconic saddle on the shoulders. We kept the hood in a modern fit, changed the toggle locks with a practical two-way zipper and put clean big pockets in the front. A modern and clean version of a traditional duffle-coat. The Loden and inlay protect us from a cold alpine winter.

Colours are dark-green with a petroleum touch and an olive-beige melange.

Back lengths: 110 cm (size 50)

Modell number: 70211 M. Ystad

Article/ Fabric information: 

Article Nr. 72468/91 (Loden, dark green)
540 gramm
100% WV

Lined with warm wadding

Article/ Fabric information: 

Article Nr. 72525/32 (Loden, olive-beige melange)
330 gramm
100% WV

Lined with warm wadding

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