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70565 Coat Catania
A short Loden coat - the perfect city coat

70565 Coat Catania 72901-82.jpg
70565 Coat Catania 72901-82 back.jpg
70565 Coat Catania 72795-75.jpg
70565 Coat Catania 72795-75 back.jpg

A younger version of our Loden coats perfectly suited for the city. This coat has a not too tightly fitted slim fit, is unlined and a modern yet understated coat for everyday life. In elegant and must-have colours: Grey and dark olive-green.

Back lengths: 95 cm (size 50)

Modell number: 70565 M. Catania

Article/ Fabric information: 

Article Nr. 72901/82 (Doubleface: Petrol-olive & Blue)
570 gramm
70% WO, 25% PA, 5% AF

Article/ Fabric information: 

Article Nr.72795/75
700 gramm (Lodengrey)

100% WV

(With real horn buttons)

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