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76008 Trousers Martin & 76009 Trousers Michael
Fashionable Corduroy Trousers with pleat and cargo pocket

76009 T Michael 72606-75.jpg
76008 T Martin 72606-17.jpg

These trousers have a modern and loose fit as well as a pleat in the front. The trousers Martin have a patch pocket on the opposite side as the breast pocket of the blazer "Jacket Törnby" to have diagonally symmetrics in the look and a Turn-up at trouser leg. Trousers Michael have a regular leg and no cargo pocket.

1/2 - Bottom foot width = 19 cm. 
1/2 - Waist size = 45 cm. 
Crotch length = 83 cm.                        
Total length = 102,5cm (all measured in size 50)

Modell number: 76009 H. Martin und 76008 H. Michael

Article/ Fabric information: 

Article Nr. 72606/17 (off-white)
345 Gramm
99% Co, 1% EL

Article/ Fabric information: 

Article Nr. 72606/75 (dark grey)
345 Gramm
99% Co, 1% EL

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